Wild West Ransom for Windows

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Fun and exciting Pac-Man remake for personal computers

Wild West Ransom embraces all of the fun and excitement associated with Pac-Man while adding an intriguing twist. This game embraces a feel of the Old West alongside a rather interesting storyline. There are countless levels to challenge even the most seasoned of players and as should be expected, each is more challenging than the last. Although the full version requires a paid download, there is a free demonstration package available. This game is designed to be used with personal computers.

Overview and Basic Strategy

Wild West Ransom enables the player to take on the personality of a desperate hero. A family of ghosts have taken his family hostage and it is only through skilled gameplay that they will be released. Each "pellet" is actually money that is intended to pay the eventual ransom. So, there is a much more detailed story to be countered when compared to the original Pac-Man series.

Other Aspects

Some similarities have carried over from classic Pac-Man. While the main intention is to gobble up pellets for points, there are also fruit bonuses associated with each level. The layouts will become progressively difficult and as should be expected, the more advanced ghosts are quick and very dangerous. The player must outwit his foes in order to ultimately emerge a winner.

More about Wild West Ransom

Jesse James. Billy the Kid. Doc Holliday. These are just a few of the many legends whose stories make up the rich tapestry of the American West. But one tale has never been told until now: that of Hero.

Wild West Ransom begins with Hero in a tight spot: ghosts have taken his family and girlfriend hostage, and are holding them ransom in exchange for as many gold coins as our brave champion can gather. So he sets out to collect the riches in the hopes of setting his loved ones free.

The game pays homage to a classic arcade offering in which players gobbled dots, avoided ghosts and ate fruit bonuses in an effort to rack up the highest score. Wild West Ransom also offers several power-ups to help Hero defeat the outlaws and Indians that pursue him. Dynamite destroys every enemy on the screen, for example, and vials containing green gas allow Hero to leave a noxious trail in his wake. Our champion should avoid bottles of whiskey, however.


  • Wild West Ransom boasts many of the same characteristics as Pac-Man
  • A free trial version can be downloaded before the full purchase


  • This game is not compatible with mobile devices
  • Some may become bored with similar scenarios over time

Wild West Ransom for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 3.2
  • (10)
  • Security Status

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